Human Resource Management

Creative and passionate human resource is the foundation of development
and success, and the driving force for continuous growth in the future

Home Management Principle Human Resource Management

It is GSL’s duty to discover the infinite possibilities of human resources and to realize great dreams together

GSL Human Resource Management

Just as every piece of the puzzle is important to complete, all employees of the company will continue to do their best to demonstrate best abilities for completing the big puzzle, the bright future of GSL


This is a process system to develop a convergence person who can adapt to the company by acquiring the core value and culture of GSL to promote community awareness and self-esteem as a global expert in the bioscience industry


Basic Training

  • Bio orientation for rookies
  • Advanced training of Bioscience Tech Process
  • Lab practice
  • Reinforcement of practical training
  • Bio process field trip for rookies

Intensified Training

1. Expert
Automation Tech, Bio/Life Science Tech, Big Data Analysis
Reinforced practical education with new working-level specialized courses

2. Vendor
Bio/Life Science Vendor Course Reinforced educational process from field-based vendor
Understanding equipment management and the latest principle trained by major vendor
Mentoring program from professional vendor

3. Global
Program to Global Biotech Firm
Expanding opportunities for domestic and international seminars
Sending out to overseas offices and in-situ training
Program for foreign languages improvement

4. Leader
Advanced Process Communication & Collaboration skills
Seminar attendance for leadership improvement
Mentor training for innovative and challenging mind
Cooperative project training