GSL’s commitment and will visualized
‘The World Best Microorganism Company’

Let us introduce GSL corporate identity visualized the world best microorganism company


The symbol mark of GSL consists of circular combination and text image

Circles stand for microorganism, nature, mankind and world the circular combination visualizes prosperity, coexistence, harmony and health
This reflects GSL’s commitment to provide clean environment and healthy life with BARU multi-lactobacillus

The text image is an abbreviation of ‘God Sent Lactobacillus’, which means the coexistence of nature and human, and the circulation of continuous impression
The color combination of green and blue symbolize health, honesty, eco-friendly life, and the future

Symbol Mark

It contains core symbolic elements representing GSL

Logo Type

It visualizes korean an english names of GSL affiliates


It is a basic form combining the symbol mark and the logo type It arranges left to right or up to down depending on media situation

Regulation of Space and Size

The symbol mark provides a certain margin for individual use It is to gain independence from other elements and to maintain its own identity
Free space to avoid invading from other characters or graphics and to obtain independence of the symbol mark

Minimum Space Policy A

The clear space is the minimum protection space for maintaining the signature character
Assuming the height of the symbol “GSL” is X, there should be 0.5X of space on all sides

Minimum Space Policy B

The minimum space policy B can be applied only for outdoor media requiring readability such as outdoor advertisements and neon sign

Color System

Color, the representative element of GSL, should be used on a white background as a rule
The symbol is consist of 3 types of colors which are the combination of CMYK 4 fundamental colors, specific colors designated as Pantone color and the combination of RGB 3 colors